1. Low Temperature
  2. Minimal Heat Damage to the Surrounding Tissues
  3. Use of Normal Saline Irrigation (water irrigation)
  4. Minimal Post-operative Pain Compared to Other Methods


  1. Low Temperature

It is a pioneering and minimally invasive, low thermal technology for the effective removal of tonsils. COBLATION technology is ideal for various surgical procedures of Otorhinolaryngology such as Tonsillectomy and Adenotomy.


  1. Minimal Heat Damage to the Surrounding Tissue

While most radio frequency based surgical instruments, such as laser and electrosurgical devices, use inaccurate thermal techniques to remove or cut the tonsil tissue, Coblation Plasma technology creates a controlled and precised tissue removal at low temperature and in plasma(liquid) environment, resulting in minimal thermal damage to surrounding soft tissues (pharyngeal muscles around the tonsils) and, as a result, minimal pain postoperatively.


  1. Use of Normal Saline

Plasma is formed by the creation of a high density energy field within an electrically conductive fluid, such as normal saline. Coblation technology uses bipolar energy to help control the amount of energy and heat delivered to the surrounding tissue.


  1. Minimal Pain Compared to Other Methods After Surgery

By combining bipolar energy and continuous saline irrigation, the Coblation device is able to create a stable plasma layer of only 100 µm-200µm thick around the active electrode. This allows accurate tissue excision while minimizing the heat transferred to the patient and thus the burn induced is minimal compared to other surgical techniques, as well as the post-operative pain caused.


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