Hair transplantation

Androgenetic alopecia (common baldness) characterizes a very large percentage of men globally. It is about a pathological gradual hair loss from the scalp and final degeneration of the hair follicles which do not produce hair any more. This development leads to permanent hair loss. It is a combination of genital predisposition and effect of androgen hormones (testosterone) on the hair. Androgenetic alopecia can present also in women since it is a genetically predisposed condition and may be hereditary to all people. In women hair loss presents in a different pattern since common baldness like that seen in men is not the usual case.

Hair transplantation remains to date the only immediate solution to the problem of androgenetic alopecia/common baldness, which essentially helps maintaining the natural scalp image. The FUE (follicular unit extraction) method is about the extraction of one by one skin micro-implants/grafts which contain a different number of hair follicles each and derive from the rear – occipital part of the scalp.

Surgical restoration of androgenetic alopecia is performed under local anesthesia and lasts about 4 to 7 hours depending on the hair loss grade and the patient’s needs. The procedure is divided into two phases. The first is about going among the original hair at the occipital part of the scalp and taking/extracting skin micrografts containing hair follicles. This process is done by using punches and surgical experience helps to reduce the degree of surrounding hair damage so that to preserve the remaining hair intact. The second phase is about implanting the grafts in the area of interest, without processing them in any way or making any kind of pre placement holes or insertions. This process is done by using implanters.

The procedures will be carried out by Dr. Ligda.


  1. Fue - follicular unit extraction for males and females with the use of implanters and no skin holes.
  2. Hair regrowth injections with PRP
  3. Beard restoration - beard transplant
  4. Hair loss PRP therapy 

With Dr. Ligda Georgia, Plastic Surgeon.




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