The method
1. Extraction from the occipital part of the scalp (donor area) of skin micro grafts that contain various number of hair follicles
2. Implantation of these grafts to the alopecia area without any kind of processing/damaging them and without making any previous reception holes but instead placing them immediately into the skin with the use of implanters.

The transplanted hairs: they keep their natural biological life cycle of fall off and regeneration, they do not fall off because of androgenetic alopecia and they are vulnerable to any kind of biological or psychological pathology of the system.

Technique characteristics: much less traumatic for the skin and the transplanted hair follicles, much safer and less bothering to the patient (both during and after the procedure), faster appearance of the new hair growth (within 2-3 months post op), and much higher final hair growth percentages (90-100%).

Surgical procedure characteristics: it is clearly a medical practice that is done under certain medical and surgical rules in order to reduce skin damage and risk of post op complications, to maintain healthy hairs at the donor area and to ensure growth of the transplanted hair follicles. At the same time the surgical procedure should provide an absolutely natural new hair look with a most satisfying hair density.

Presuppositions to ensure the optimum result: the use of qualitative surgical instruments, the personalized hair restoration plan for every patient according to age and possible alopecia development and the surgeon’s medical knowledge, surgical skills and experience on this field.

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