What is Benign Paroxysmal Positioning Vertigo ( BPPV ) ?

It is the most common treatable cause of vertigo.


How is BPPV clinically appeared ?

Sudden episodes of vertigo which are brief, lasting less than a minute and typically precipitated by specific head movements such as rolling over in bed.


Who BPPV does affect?

Although BPPV becomes more frequent with age, it can occur in patients of any age group.


What is the pathophysiology of BPPV ?

Recent intraoperative findings of chalky material in the posterior canal lumen of the vestibule of the ear supports that displaced otoliths act as a piston to cause vertigo.


What is the treatment ?

The BPPV usually disappears without treatment over several weeks, but the course can often be dramatically and immediately shortened by using therapeutic head maneuvers in an ENT's office. Vestibular Rehabilitation also helps.


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